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Buds II Roses | I am Who I AM

Founder, Yolanda Roberts will be a guest speaker at this spectacular FREE event on Saturday, August 3rd. The event will be hosted by Natasha Bennett-Dalferes, Founder and CEO. Join Yolanda at Southwest The Bridge Community Christian Center, located at 14880 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston TX.

Wholeness is defined as the state of being unbroken or undamaged. Leaving many of us to believe we can’t be whole bc of what happened to us. Maybe we need to Redefine Wholeness! It doesn’t mean that things didn’t happen that left you broken, busted and disgusted. But what it can mean is taking what happened to you and make it work for whole even with the SCARS! Let’s talk about it next Saturday. Buds to Roses B2R #redefiningwholeness #IamwhoIam #BudstoRoses #ThisSaturday

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