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Meet the Playwright

Barbara Starkes

Playwright, Actor and Director.

In 2018 she wrote and directed the stage play Matters of the Heart which was nominated for three awards by Broadway World Houston (Best Stage Play, Best New Stage Play and Best Actor – Terrance Mays). She was a judge for the 2017 Houston Monologue Slam. She was a finalist for her short play Perceptions for the Fade to Black Festival 2017 Reading Series. She was an actor (Karen) in Life, Love and Boobs in the June 2017 Fade to Black Play performance series. She returned as an actor (Lollie) in Line Dry for the 2018 Fade to Black reading series.

She has written seven plays; Christmas Miracles (2006), Miracle Birth (2009), Talk to Me (2011), Let The Church be The Church (2013), Girls Night Out - A Twist of Faith (2015), Matters of the Heart (2018) and The Perfect Marriage (2019). She is a Board Member of Scriptwriters-Houston.

I’ve heard comments that The Perfect Marriage is a play for married people only. Don’t let the title deceive you. If you have been in any relationship – spouse, siblings, friends or single couple there is something in this play for you. Secrets that were buried for ten years will be revealed. I could tell you so much more but I would like you to come out to MATCH on June 30, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. to this Healing Hearts Network Production, and take this emotional roller coaster ride with us.

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