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Meet Allegra Everson-Edwards

Allegra Everson-Edwards "aka" Allegra The Actress is a native from Baton Rouge La, who now resides in Houston Texas since 2000. Allegra graced the stage in 2015 with her first co-starring lead role as Marsha in E.T. (Evangelistic Triumph) To Hell and Back. From there she has been acting in Productions from The Bridge Players Drama ministry, Black Lockett Productions, and D'Lyric Productions as well as acting in comedic skits, short films and parodies with the Houston Film House.
From early childhood Allegra has always had an interest in pursuing acting and was known for being a drama queen in a good way. Allegra also enjoys singing, songwriting, and producing music. Allegra has been married for 8 beautiful years to Broderick Edwards, who supports and encourages her in the acting world and in life.
Allegra's appreciation goes to God for giving her the gift, her husband for love and encouragement and her family and friends for ongoing support.

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