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Healing Hearts Network is a web-based and community resource organization for the individuals in the Greater Houston area.  We serve as a public and online information & solutions resource, networking to enhance community life..

Community Advocates


We strive to be a voice in the Greater Houston community by building alliances that support and strenghten individuals in need of emotional or spirtual support.  Healing Hearts Networks develop partnerships throughout the communtiy to assist and empower people to grow beyond their circumstances and share their experiences with others.

Spiritual Mentors


Healing Hearts Network is not a religious organization, however we are spirtually based and believe in the essence a higher power.  Our Mentors are volunteers with life experiences who are willing to help others gain a spirtual perspecitve on the challenges in life and offe a safe and confidential environment to share your concers.  We are a listening ear, and a warmth and cordial environment of people who care in a time of need, decision or crisis.

Networking Connection


There are many organization thoughout the Greater Houstn area that offer a variety of services that can assist and guide individuals to their greatness.  Healing Hearts Network provides networking oppotunities to bring the community and valuable resources together in workshops, seminars, luncheons, and daily meetings. 

Annual Seminars


Our Annual Go Get It Initiative is a huge success that Inspires and Motivates individuals to move forward in their lives toward their Greatness.  This workshop provides a variety of speakers, entertainment and information to provide the community with the tools they need to move forward toward their goals and aspirations in life.

Special Awareness Campaigns


Healing Hearts Networks is active in the community in supporting campaings such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Volence, Homelessness, Child Advocacy and many other special interest.  We want to be a voice in the community that stand for those who need it most.  We raise awareness with food drives, clothes drive, and many other donation campaigns where we see a need.

Monthly Meetings


As a non-profit organization, Healing Hearts Network has an open door to meet with individuals who just need a friend to listen and learn more about what we have to offer.  We do hold monthly meetings to help spread our message and reach the communtiy of Greater Houston that needs us most.  Our meetings are open to the public.

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